Who We Are

We’re a midsized team that specializes in making impactful contributions to our built environment. Together we have experience in commercial and residential development, design and construction. We’re nimble, highly connected and organized. We’re passionate about results and seek like-minded individuals and partners who value going the extra mile.

Metric Values

We aim to have an authentic impact on how and what we build,

by focusing on WHY we build.


This is more than a buzzword, it’s an aspirational principle.  Our goal is to create genuine collaboration that results in a common definition of success. A type of synergy that defies formal negotiations and instills mutual respect and consideration.


Our commitment to fully transparent practices is our way of developing trust with our clients and amongst our team. Through every phase of a project, our dedication to transparency ensures that we are maintaining our highest standards and always operating in our client’s best interest.


It’s important to be good at what we do – and it’s equally important to do good with what we do. We aspire to be an enduring resource for the communities we impact. We strive to be approachable and engaging in an industry that can seem intimidating and mystifying. 


The built environment and methods that shape it are always changing. At Metric, we have an open minded and value driven process that is designed to adapt accordingly. We are constantly evolving, just like the places and spaces that we work on


Human capital is our most valuable asset – internally and externally. Great projects begin with great people. At Metric, our measure of success is fostering meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Metric Team

Among us we have great skills, together we have great values.

Jacey Ehmann

Associate AIA
Founder // Partner

Jacey founded Metric Structures in 2017 with a passion to create built environments with the human experience in mind. Her drive and expertise inspires the Metric team to serve our clients with integrity and excellence, every step of the way.

Zach Verhulst

Partner // Architect

Through his leadership ability, and keen sense for collaboration, Zach works to ensure seamless project execution, both internally and externally. He carries a passion and drive to see our clients, our team, and the industry as a whole adapt and succeed all around.

Renee Link


Renee’s job at Metric is to create a design conscious environment for our team and our clients. She has an artful soul and a knack for strong execution. From concept to project management her diverse experience in spatial design is an integral part of what we do.

Alicia VanderArk


Alicia is our team architect. With her experience in every phase of spatial design, she helps to keep our creative process efficient and effective.
She is not only an asset to our team but also to the built environments we help create.

Nicole Crafts


Without Nicole, we would be a mess. She keeps us organized & orderly so that our collaboration is efficient and effective. With her background in the construction industry, her skills are amazing, but it is her flexible and conscientious approach that makes her a huge asset to Metric.

Jon Snikkers


Jon’s job at Metric is to connect our value driven process with how we run our job sites. Building structures is hard work and he makes sure those who work alongside us are appreciated and successful. His attentive approach is essential to how we bring projects to life.

Mitch Damstra


Mitch’s role at Metric is to create synergy between our business goals and our team members responsibilities. He keeps us connected and informed so that we can serve you better. His energy and enthusiasm are essential to keeping us motivated and optimistic.

Join Metric

Our people are our most valuable asset. We’re driven, passionate, creative, and truly team focused. Our aim is to grow with intention. It’s not about the role, it’s about finding the right person that is fit to fill it. Looking to make an impact? Contact us to inquire about our job openings.