Build Team

Metric Opportunities

Job: Build Team


Job Goal: Create connectivity between project goals and job site activity. Ensure that Metric Structures provides a design conscious, collaborative and attentive construction process.

Job Scope:

Manage collaborative construction process and all site related project items.

Attend progress meetings, provide direction and considerations. Select subcontractor partners to engage in the collaborative process. Manage tools to effectively communicate project goals and procedures. Ensure Metric is making thoughtful contributions to our built environment

Manage site activity – ensure efficiency, proper execution and safety.

Manage construction schedule, manage safety log and program, provide subcontractor guidance and promote overall positive working atmosphere at job sites while maintaining high performance standards.

Manage construction relationships.

Ensure timely material sourcing, produce scope documentation, communicate stakeholder and subcontractor expectations. Maintain an ethical and respectful working environment on construction sites. Share construction knowledge with other team members.

Growth & Opportunity Expectations

Build Team Opportunities

As Metric Structures grows and develops a larger portfolio of collaboratively executed projects the intent will be to provide high level, tailored construction management, development and design services to a wide range of clients and stakeholders. There is a large viability for engagement outside of a typical construction management role, including opportunities to….

-Provide owners representation services

-Provide construction consultation to large stakeholders and developer

-Engage with community members and industry officials to aid innovation and progress in the industry

-Influence procedures and management protocols as the industry and company evolve

-Procure new opportunities for Metric Structures

-Engage with other industry professionals to create more collaborative projects.

-Be involved at an ownership level for development projects, attain long term assets that

are stabilized by Metric Structures.

Reward Structure

Commencement Period//February17 ,2020–February21 ,2020 (if needed)

–  Guaranteed $x,xxx per week paid on a 1099 basis, regardless of recorded working hours

–  Necessary technology and supplies to be provided

 Allows for other commitments and projects to be completed in a thoughtful manner

IntegrationPeriod//February24 ,2020-Beyond

–  After commencement period, job goals meeting will be held and any desired changes to this employment plan will be made

–  Base salary to be $xx,xxx annually paid on a W2, bi-weekly basis

–  Metric will provide an IRA, Metric will match 3% of employee contributions

–  Metric will provide employee health benefits with opportunity for family buy in

–  Metric Structures will provide an expense card for job and company related items

–  Options for vehicle compensation can be discussed

–  Employee will be allowed unlimited vacation (within reason)

Our approach to construction and development is unique, and for that reason, so is our process for acquiring talent. If we have gotten to this stage, we already believe you will be a good fit for Metric. Through this process, it is our goal to create collaboration, not compromise. We believe that all things, including hiring, are better as a team effort. We hope you are excited about this discovery process and the prospects at Metric Structures.