Design // Build

New era, new environment

After acquiring Schuil coffee from its founders, the new owners were ready to usher in a new, more modern aesthetic for this classic business.

At the recommendation of another client, the owners of Schuil Coffee reached out to us in early 2019 after acquiring both the business and the building that is, Schuil Coffee Company.

Initially they needed advice on how to get a signage permit approved by the city – which we happily provided at no charge.

A few months later the conversation reignited – they were ready to renovate their retail and office space and wanted our input choosing the most effective and economical means of doing so. It was an amazing collaboration right from the start.

We laid the foundation early – establishing great communication and clear goals.
They wanted to provide an updated and inviting environment for both their customers and their employees, while still respecting the legacy that had come before them.  

The intentions were clear – it was time for the investigation.

We spent months reviewing the existing building and figuring out how to create evolution without exorbitant expense. After a few iterations, we settled on an inventive and reasonable design that balanced cost with creativity. Their new space would be new, but recognizable – updated but comfortable.

For our team at Metric, the most challenging goal was to reinvent the space while keeping their retail team working. Our solution: two phases. Retail first, offices second.

Before starting demolition, the Schuil retail team set up shop in the main lobby of the office. Although it was temporary and at times, crowded; it proved effective — they showed no dip in sales.

After 6 weeks of construction, the new and improved retail space was ready to re-open.

As the retail team began to acclimate to the new space, we moved the office team and all vital equipment into their stock room, where they would operate until phase two of the re-vamp was complete. It was tight and not very glamorous, but their positive attitudes made all the difference. They were excited, and so were we.

All renovations come with challenges, but the challenges encountered here presented great opportunities for us to show transparency and adaptability. We feel so grateful that this project not only yielded an incredible, evolved space, but also a lasting relationship with our clients.