Caffeinated Collaboration

Schuil Feature
  • Client
    Schuil Coffee Company
  • Location
    Grand Rapids, MI

After acquiring the Schuil Coffee Company from its founders, the new owners were ready to usher in a new, more modern aesthetic—a building that reflected their vision for incredible quality and customer experience.

The owners of Schuil reached out in 2019 after acquiring the building and the business. At first, they just needed help getting a signage permit approved by the city. But a few months later, they were ready for a much more substantial project, which included renovating their entire retail and office space


It was an amazing collaboration right from the start.

Knowing that coffee is all about the experience, Schuil’s owners wanted to provide a modern and inviting environment for both their customers and their employees, while still respecting the legacy of the company. After a few iterations, we settled on an inventive design that balanced cost with creativity.

Schuil Study 2
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The new space was new, yet recognizable. Updated, yet comfortable. Modern, yet rooted in where the company began.

At Metric Structures, we’re proud of what we built—not just an evolved space, but a lasting relationship with some amazing clients who roast some of the best coffee around.